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<b>Armson OEG Gen ll Retro Special Edition

**Limited Special Edition Special! Built for a side mount system that was never completed, "Special Edition" sights are available with a set of FREE 1" scope mounting rings.

Our all new Gen II Retro version of the original Armson O.E.G. sight is now available. The Armson Aiming Concept instantly merges the dot and target allowing two eye sighting with no loss of peripheral vision! Anodized aluminum body, high quality internal optics, and simple adjustments for windage/elevation. A fiber optic light source provides illumination during the day and the optional Tritium upgrade self-powers the sight in low light conditions (must be added as an option below). No batteries required.

Because of the side mounting hole position, Special Edition sights can NOT be later upgraded with our integrated mounts, but are otherwise the same as our new Retro Gen ll model. Limited quantities available.

Non-Tritium GREEN DOT option now available. Please select DOT, Tritium, and Ring options below.

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