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We offer a full range of factory parts and service options. Upgrades and refurbishment require that your sight be sent to us. With reasonable prices and quick turnaround this program has been very popular.

Tritium Replacement or Upgrade: Includes a general cleaning and replacement of the RED DOT fiber optic element with fresh TRITIUM lamps. $39.95 + return shipping & handling.

New! GREEN DOT upgrade option: Includes a general cleaning and upgrade of the fiber optic element (Tritium is NOT available for this option). $29.95 + return shipping & handling.

Replace your original Adjusters and Knobs with our all new OEG New Upgraded Adjuster and Knob Sets (includes both windage and elevation). Adjuster Set replacement can also be combined with refurbishment and/or Tritium replacement. $29.95 + return shipping & handling.

General Refurbishment: Includes a general cleaning and replacement of missing/damaged knobs, screws, etc. $25.00 + return shipping.

Please contact us for additional information @ or use the available Upgrade Order Form.

<b>Upgraded Adjuster and Knob Set
Upgraded Adjuster and Knob Set

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Tritium Replacement


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