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Tritium is a radioactive isotope of Hydrogen that occurs in a gaseous state. This gas is contained in glass vials with a phosphor coating that are used to illuminate the dot in Armson OEG sights. We use only green phosphor Tritium which has a half-life of 12.5 years, and is the brightest of all phosphor options. The brightness of the Tritium will be one half in that time as when originally produced. The color of the dot is dictated by the color of the fiber optic element. A red fiber optic will still remain red even with the green phosphor Tritium lamps. We are currently working to produce a green fiber optic, which will in fact, produce a green dot.

Tritium Upgrade/Replacement is available for virtually all Armson OEG sights for $39.95* + S&H. See the Tritium Replacement Form for additional information.

Tritium in OEG sighting systems is designed to supplement ambient light in low light conditions. As the amount of available light decreases the dot will grow dimmer and self-adjust as your eyes adapt to the available light (i.e., pupil dilation/constriction). The Tritium boost in OEG sights is NOT intended to provide a bright dot in dark conditions as this interferes with the eyes natural ability to adjust to available light. It is important to allow your eyes sufficient time to adjust in very low light conditions.

*Additional $10.00 surcharge for models produced prior to 1983.

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