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<b>Armson Max Duty Sights

Combining the features and reliability of the proven O.E.G. sight, the new Maximum Duty sights feature birdcage style lens cover for unparalled Durability! Both eyes remain open for instant target acquisition, improved depth perception, and no loss of peripheral vision. The Armson Aiming Concept instantly merges the dot and target. A fiber optic light source provides illumination during the day and the optional Tritium upgrade self-powers the sight at night. No batteries required. Constructed of aircraft grade aluminium alloy with a matte black anodized finish. Armson O.E.G. sights are built to withstand the most demanding use.

<b>Max Duty OEG with Pic Mount
Max Duty OEG with Pic Mount

<b>Armson O.E.G. Max Duty 1"
Armson O.E.G. Max Duty 1"

<b>Max Duty M-16 Sight
Max Duty M-16 Sight

Reg. price: $189.95
Sale price: $179.95
<b>Pro-Dot Max Duty w/Picatinny Mount
Pro-Dot Max Duty w/Picatinny Mount

<b>Max Duty HK & UZI
Max Duty HK & UZI

Reg. price: $199.95
Sale price: $189.95
<b>Pro-Dot Max Duty
Pro-Dot Max Duty

<b>Max Duty Mini-14 Sight
Max Duty Mini-14 Sight

Reg. price: $199.95
Sale price: $189.95
<b>Pro-Dot Max Duty SW w/ Picatinny Mount
Pro-Dot Max Duty SW w/ Picatinny Mount

<b>Pro-Dot Max Duty SW
Pro-Dot Max Duty SW

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Law Enforcement Ad

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Military ad

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Sporting ad

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